bwindi national park

Bwindi National Park

Bwindi National Park is situated in the south-western part of Uganda. It is a World Heritage Site famed for its population of mountain gorillas, its biodiversity of fauna and flora and its Impenetrable Forest. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is best known for its superb gorilla tracking, but it also provides refuge to elephant, chimpanzee, monkeys and various small antelope and bird species. Location Southwest, near Kabale.

Everything You Need to Know about Bwindi National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park covers an area of 190 square miles and is located in southwestern Uganda on the edge of the Western Rift Valley. Designated as a World Heritage Site, Bwindi is a world of towering trees, giant ferns, tangled undergrowth and hanging vines, creating the quintessential equatorial jungle. The altitudinal range of montane and lowland forests at Bwindi support more species of trees, ferns, birds and butterflies than any other forest in East Africa. It is also the only one which contains both gorillas and chimpanzees. Bwindi is home to about 300 endangered mountain gorillas (50% of the world population) and is therefore of critical importance to their continued survival. From this mountain gorilla population, two families are habituated for visitors to trek.

Bwindi is rich in other primates, including chimpanzee and blue monkey. Butterflies are the most conspicuous of the rich insect fauna of the park, with more than 200 species. There is also a large variety of trees, a dense undergrowth, an extensive stand of bamboo and a number of swamps. In addition to gorilla trekking, there are a number of nature trails in the park to explore this primeval African forest: taking the course of the waterfall, along the Rushura trail for some sweeping views towards Lake Edward and the Ruwenzori’s; and to the Mubwindi swamp near Ruhija for some unusual bird species.

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Gorilla trekking is one of the popular tourist activities in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park were you get a chance to trek one of the few habituated gorilla families in the forest. Depending on which region of Bwindi you are holding permits, experienced guides and trackers will accompany your party on an early morning trek into the dense rain forest on the mountain slopes. The journey, through dense foliage and up steep climbs, is abundantly rewarded with the lifetime experience of viewing mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

You will have an opportunity to be within metres of these magnificent apes, sharing in their daily lives and experiencing their day-to-day activities. Mountain gorillas are extremely rare with only an estimated 700 remaining in the wild. This is an experience you won’t soon forget! Mountain gorillas are wild animals and, as such, sightings cannot be guaranteed. However viewing success rates are over 90%