who we are

Who we are

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Our love for nature necessitated the passion for travel. Africa has amazing people, beautiful sceneries & wildlife and wonderful culture. It is for this reason that we would like the world to come and witness what the gem Africa is. Those that travel to Africa most definitely do fall in love with Africa!

We are indigenously African, have travelled extensively especially within East Africa Region, where our specialty is. Having trained at Africa’s leading hospitality institutions and gained several years of work experience at some of East Africa’s leading Tour Operators, we have the knowledge, skills, expertise and more so confidence to arrange the best and authentic safaris that provide life time memories for our clients….at Morindat Tours & Travel, we do not create the same safari twice!

Why us?

  • We have the expertise – Trained at Africa’s leading hospitality institution, worked with leading Tour Operators, travelled to most of the tourist destinations within East Africa and we regularly update our product knowledge through familiarization trips.
  • We understand the services – We strive to understand the needs of our clients before we give our advice. We give as much information as possible to enable them make an informed decision. We are there in times of emergency regardless of the time of the day (24/7 emergency contact line). After safari, we also like to know our clients’ satisfaction. Simply put, we are with you every step of your safari.
  • We create authentic safaris – always endeavor to help our clients to have lifetime experiences
  • 4 C’s – Community, Culture, Conservation and Commerce
  • Value for money – We choose the best product for our clients at a competitive price.
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